June 11, 2013

Eli Klein Fine Art: Liu Bolin - Mask

What: The show is a reflection of Liu Bolin’s multifaceted and complex view of contemporary society and culture. The critically acclaimed and internationally renowned artist will release the first works of a new series, Hiding in California. He will also showcase new works from his famed Hiding in New York series, including an image in front of the harbored aircraft carrier—the Intrepid, as well as his collaboration with French artist JR and Rock Star Bon Jovi. In addition to these works, the artist will unveil a highly anticipated new body of sculptures entitled Mask, which craft an inquisitive contemporary commentary through a playful but contemplative twist on traditional Peking Opera masks. 
When: June 6th through July 21st, 2013
Where: 462 West Broadway New York, NY 10012